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Getting Your Local News Here!

Congratulations to the Fredricton Ubuntu group on their meetings.

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Fredericton team meeting another success...

I would like to announce that the Fredericton, New Brunswick meeting went very well and we actually doubled in size. We went discussed various topics on ubuntu testing and we even drew out someone else in the coffee shop who took interest in our conversation...

One thing that was obvious by tonights meeting was that regardless of the groups size our discussions cause other people to become curious. Attracting attention leads to curiosity, curiosity leads to people being aware... Being aware is what this is all about!

Fredericton NB Ubuntu Meet

Richard from Fredericton wrote:

Hey everyone!

I would like to announce that there will be a gusty meeting/party for
the Fredericton crowd on October 15th at 7pm. The location
is crumbs (on the corner of regent near Tim Hortons). Bring some
money for a cafe mocha or a coffee, believe me it's good :)

A proper calendar of some sort would be nice-to-have on this new, improved Ubuntu Canada site. I'm sure there's a calendar module of some sort for Drupal - probably several. - Brian

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