Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo: Growing and Growing!

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Wondering about Ubuntu in Vancouver? Think big meetings and lots of new members!

We're growing fast. In a few short months since our last update we've added dozens and dozens of members to our group, which is now likely the biggest in Canada.

We are a diverse collection of people that gathers to discuss all things related to Ubuntu and freedom in computing. Contrary to popular belief, we are not "geeks" or "techies". We come from every walk of life: school teachers, artists, business people, students, musicians, welders, kayak instructors, authors, programmers, activists, and poets. I don't think we have any shepherds or lighthouse keepers yet though, so if you know some please invite them to join us .

Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo organizes community events such as presentations and support sessions to help people learn about Ubuntu, install Ubuntu on their computer, and solve computing problems. We plan meetings, parties and other social events to network with our community and to foster the sharing of free software and ideas.

There's a lot more fun and growth to come in the coming months. Please watch this page for updates and I hope you'll join us and make some noise on Canada's front line for Bug #1.

Here's the best way to join the fun: http://meetup.com/ubuntuvancouver

Cheers for now!
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