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Oneiric Ocelot release parties!

[The Oneiric Ocelot] Ubuntu 11.10--the Oneiric Ocelot--is set to release this week, and we've got release parties!

  • Quebec City: Wednesday, Oct. 12, 6pm at La Korrigane
  • Toronto: Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7pm at Alio Lounge
  • Kitchener: Saturday, Oct. 15 at 4pm at Kwartzlab
  • Montreal: Friday, Oct. 21 at 5pm at Foonzo Cafe-Lounge

Join us and celebrate the latest and greatest release of Ubuntu! Release parties are a fantastic opportunity to meet other Ubuntu users face to face.

At Kwartzlab, we'll have a fast repository proxy to help with upgrades, cake, devilled eggs and commemorative collector's CDs!

If there's no party in your area, you should host one! Join the Ubuntu Canada mailing list and let us know where and when your party is. Tell your friends and post on local message boards. We'll help do what we can to announce it to the Canadian Ubuntu community.

Oneiric Ubuntu Global Jam

To date, there are three teams participating in the Ubuntu Global Jam across the country:

Vancouver will be updating their Unity documentation to 11.10, and will offer an area to socialize over jam.

KW will be starting a project to build a GUI tool to help with packaging. Help with the usual 11.10 installation and upgrade testing will also be available. And we'll order out for pizza, of course.

Montreal's event will be hosted at the Canonical offices in that city. If you find problems with your hardware, you'll be able to talk directly to some of Canonical's Ubuntu developers and support professionals who can help sort it out and get the fixes in.

Canada's Jammin'!

Natty Narwhal Is Here!

Ubuntu 11.04, "Natty Narwhal" is out!

Natty CDs

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 30), there are going to be release parties in Montreal, Toronto and Kitchener. Toronto will have cupcakes. Kitchener will have CDs, a natty narwhal cake and an approx for fast updates.

If all goes well, we'll have a LAN party server up, and we'll be playing some Nexuiz, Teeworlds, Hedge Wars and Armaggetron (amongst others). Tune in on the mailing list or IRC for details!

New website!

Welcome to the new website for Ubuntu Canada!

Don't mind the occasional glitch or problem (actually, do; I'll get back to that). We're still working on it.

This will be the best place to find out about what's going on in the Ubuntu community all across Canada. Watch here for news, events and ideas on how you can get involved.

Speaking of getting involved, if you want to help out with this website, the first step is to join the website Launchpad team. That'll get you on the mailing list where you can ask to get access. Also, if you run into problems, please let us know by posting bugs there. We need writers, Drupal theme designers, and plugin developers if we decide we want to do something really cool.

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